Inflamed cells: Latest News from Inside – One-day GREMI meeting

The GREMI (French Society of Inflammation), organizes a One-Day meeting untitled « Inflamed cells: Latest News from Inside » on March 15th, 2019.

Pasteur Institute (Paris) – François Jacob Auditorium (125 places maximum)


Session 1: Inflammation initiated by stressed organelles

Fabio Martinon (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

“Activation and regulation of the inflammasome”

Session 2: Metabolic Reprogramming and Inflammation

Edward J Pearce (Max Planck Institute, Freiburg, Germany)

Metabolic compensation for self-inflicted damage during macrophage activation”

Session 3: New intracellular sensors of danger in inflammation

Nicolas Manel (Curie Institute, Paris, France)

Activation of innate immune sensors by viruses and self“

Session 4: Imaging cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammation

Philippe Bousso, (Pasteur Institute, INSERM U1223, Paris, France)

“Spatiotemporal regulation of inflammatory responses”

In addition, 12 talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts + Posters

Registration and abstract submission

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