Overeating And Alcohol Use As Different Coping Strategies Against Negative Emotions In Female University Students

Published by David Val-Laillet & Aymery Constant
INRA, INSERM, Univ Rennes, CHU Rennes, EHESP, Nutrition Metabolisms and Cancer, Rennes, St Gilles, France

These findings are described in the article entitled Emotional overeating is common and negatively associated with alcohol use in normal-weight female university students, recently published in the journal Appetite (Appetite 129 (2018) 186-191). This work was conducted by Aymery Constant from the NuMeCan Institute and EHESP, Ronan Thibault and Romain Moirand from the NuMeCan Institute and Rennes University-Hospital (CHU Rennes), and Yentl Gautier, Nicolas Coquery, and David Val-Laillet from the NuMeCan Institute.

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