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Microbiota analysis (QIIME2, Mothur)
Programming : R, LaTeX
Anaerobic culture
Periodontitis mouse model
Periodontology and Pediatrics Odontology

Research topics and scientific objectives

Porphyromonas gingivalis

Education and main positions held

Enseignant-chercheur contractuel
Assistant Professor, PhD, DDS

Current projects

Periodontitis, iron and microbiota

Selected publications

Periodontal pathogens and clinical parameters in chronic periodontitis
Boyer E, Martin B, Le Gall-David S, Fong SB, Deugnier Y, Bonnaure-Mallet M, Meuric V
Mol Oral Microb. 2020

Increased transferrin saturation is associated with subgingival microbiota dysbiosis and severe periodontitis in genetic haemochromatosis
Boyer E, Le Gall-David S, Martin B, Fong SB, Loréal O, Deugnier Y, Bonnaure-Mallet M, Meuric V
Sci Rep. 2018

Periodontal status and serum biomarker levels in HFE hemochromatosis patients. A case series study.
Meuric V, Lainé F, Boyer E, Le Gall-David S, Oger E, Bourgeois D, Bouchard P, Bardou-Jacquet E, Turmel V, Bonnaure-Mallet M, Deugnier Y
J Clin Periodontol. 2017

Signature of microbial dysbiosis in periodontitis.
Meuric V, Le Gall-David S, Boyer E, Acuña-Amador L, Martin B, Fong SB, Barloy-Hubler F, Bonnaure-Mallet M
Appl Environ Microbiol. 2017

Prise en charge orthodontique en oncologie pédiatrique
Boyer E, Robert G, Gandemer V, Bonnaure-Mallet M
Rev Orthop Dento Faciale. 2016

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