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• Neurosciences
• Behavioural Sciences
• Human Nutrition
• Functional Imaging
• Immunohistochemistry

Research topics and scientific objectives

• Understand the multisensory integration mechanisms and brain processes involved in the regulation of eating behaviours
• Study diet-induced obesity and its consequences on brain functions, eating behaviours and health
• Explore and validate innovative therapeutic and preventive strategies to fight against obesity and/or eating disorders
• Characterise, validate and promote the minipig model for research in nutrition and health in humans

Education and main positions held

• 11/2013-: Director of the ADNC research department (18 permanent staffs, including research scientists, engineers and technicians).
INRA, UR1341 ADNC, F-35590 St Gilles, France
• 2007-present: Research scientist (senior) in Behavioural Sciences and Neurosciences applied to Human Nutrition and Health.
INRA, UR1341 ADNC, F-35590 St Gilles, France
• 2006-2007: Post-doctoral scientist in Behavioural Sciences and Neurosciences applied to Human Nutrition and Health.
INRA, UMR1078 SENAH, F-35590 St Gilles, France
• 2005-2006: Research Fellow in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Expert in charge of governmental reports on animal welfare.
AAFC, Pacific Agrifood Research Centre, Agassiz, British Columbia V0M 1A0, Canada
• 2001-2004: Doctoral thesis in Life and Health Sciences.
INRA, UMR6175 PRC, F-37380 Nouzilly, France – University François Rabelais, Tours, France
• 2000-2001: Master in Behavioural Biology
University of Paris XIII, France

Current projects

• Hed-O-Shift: Priority Action of the INRA Human Nutrition Division – “Palatable foods and neural plasticity: The shift in reward and cognitive processes”
• NovaBrain: Coordination of an International Consortium aimed at exploring the brain functions in relation to eating behaviour (production of review papers, preparation of international project proposals, etc.)
• SweetLip-Kid: Research collaboration project of the DID’IT INRA Metaprogram – “Development of the attraction toward sweet and/or fatty foods in children: integrated understanding of the role of early experience on behavioural, molecular, physiological and neural outcomes, impact on food intake and weight status”
• Hedorex: Research collaborative project with the industry – “Exploration of the hedonic and orexigenic properties of food sensory additives”
• SugarOb: “Visceral and cerebral alterations induced by high-sugar diets (glucose, fructose): consequences on the nutrients detection and their hedonic value”
• Epimemo: Research collaborative project funded by Région Pays de la Loire – “Impact of butyrate on the brain metabolism and digestive functions”
• Metab-N3: Research collaborative project funded by Région Bretagne – “Impact of the diet fatty acids sources on brain and digestive functions”

Selected publications

Neuroimaging and neuromodulation approaches to study eating behaviour and prevent and treat eating disorders and obesity.
1. Val-Laillet, D., Aarts, E., Weber, B., Ferrari, M., Quaresima, V., Stoeckel, L.E., Alonso-Alonso, M., Audette, M., Malbert, C.H., Stice, E.
Neuroimage: Clinical, 8, 1-31.

Dietary sugars: Their detection by the gut-brain axis and their peripheral and central effects in health and diseases.
2. Ochoa, M., Lallès, J.P., Malbert, C.H., Val-Laillet, D.
European Journal of Nutrition

Combined compared to dissociated oral and intestinal sucrose stimuli induce different brain hedonic processes.
3. Clouard, C., Meunier-Salaün, M.C., Meurice, P., Malbert, C.H., Val-Laillet, D
Frontiers in Psychology, 5, Article 861.

Effects of chronic intake of starch-, glucose- and fructose-rich diets on eating behaviour and obesity development.
4. Ochoa, M., Malbert, C.H., Lallès, J.P., Meurice, J.P., Val-Laillet, D.
Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 157, 61-71

HAL Publications

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