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Sophie BLAT, CR


Pancreatic endocrine function, entero-insular axis and glucose tolerance
Neonatal nutrition

Research topics and scientific objectives

Influence of perinatal nutrition (foetal and post-natal) on the pancreatic endocrine function and glucose metabolism in adulthood
Key words: pancreas, insulin, entero-insular axis, glucose metabolism, obesity, developmental origin of health and disease (DOHaD)

Education and main positions held

From 2013 Research scientist (senior), INRA, Food and Digestive, Nervous and Behavioural Adaptations Unit (UR ADNC), St-Gilles, France
2011-2012 Research scientist (senior), INRA, Livestock Production, Animal and Human Nutrition Unit (UMR SENAH), St-Gilles, France
2002-2010 Research scientist (junior), INRA, Livestock Production, Animal and Human Nutrition Unit (UMR SENAH), St-Gilles, France
2001 Post-doctoral fellow, Dr A. Kirchgessner, Physiology and Pharmacology department, SUNY Health Center, Brooklyn, USA
1998-2000 Research assistant, INRA, Calf and Pig research Unit, St-Gilles, France
2000 PhD in Biology and Agronomy, “Nervous vagal control of insulin secretion in pigs”, University of Rennes, France
1997 Master of Sciences, University of Rennes and Agronomic National School of Rennes, France
1997 Agronomic Engineer Degree, Agronomic School of Rennes, France

Current projects

FOSGUT ‒ Research contract with TEREOS-SYRAL 2010-2016
CLIMAPIG ‒ Research contract with LACTALIS 2014-2017

Selected publications

Dietary α-lactalbumin supplementation alleviates normocaloric Western diet-induced glucose intolerance in Göttingen minipigs
Blat S., Vincent S., Lefeuvre L., Lemoine-Morel S., Malbert C.-H., Pichon L., Mikogami T., Delamarche A.

Maternal short-chain fructooligosaccharide supplementation influences intestinal immune system maturation in piglets
Le Bourgot C., Ferret-Bernard S ., Le Normand L ., Savary G., Menendez-Aparicio E., Blat S., Appert-Bossard E., Respondek F., Le Houërou-Luron I.

Long term metabolic impact of high protein neonatal feeding: A preliminary study in male rat pups born with a low birth weight
Delamaire E., Parnet P., Coupé B., Hoebler C., Blat S., Poupeau G., Boquien C-Y., Champ M., Darmaun D.
Clin Nutr

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