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Associate Professor in Bioinformatics
Knowledge Management and DataBase
Data Mining from Texts (PubMed and BioMed Central)
Data integration
Regulation of Iron Metabolism
Starting point : comprehension of microbiote data analysis

Research topics and scientific objectives

In CIMIAD Group, bioinformatics bases its activity on iron metablism as a use-case study. We seek however to propose computationnal approaches that can be applied to other life science domains.
Our concern is integration and analysis of life science data.
Typical data continuously evolving in :
- diversity,
- representation (raw data, textual data, structured XML data, ontologies, graphical data),
- quality,
- quantity,
- density.

More recently we have focused on text annotations and large scale extraction of bio-events associating recognized bio-entities of different sorts (genes, diseases, drugs, species, cells and organs) within PubMed publications. Massive computations and mining of the extracted events are challenging : big data that need to be turned into patterns of pertinent information easily interpretable by biologists and big data that require important computationnal infrastructures.

Education and main positions held

2000 - present
Associate professor in Bioinformatics at Université de Rennes1 (Maître de
Member of Numecan, group CIMIAD - "Contrôle du Métabolisme du Fer et Maladies Associées au Fer".

11/2011 + 09/2003 – 02/2004 + 09/2004 – 12/2004
Visiting research position in Berlin, Humboldt University,
funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF)

02/1998- 10/1999
Post-doctoral researcher (Research Associate) in Bioinformatics
Information Management Group, Manchester University, UK.

Current projects

RetroMine (retrospective data mining of texts).
MicroRetro - Impact of RetroMine on Microbiote data and literature.
Database management and analysis of microbiote (metagenomic aspects but not only!)

Lectures (other serious projects) :
--Master BIG (Bioinformatique et Génomique) - UE CBD
--Master de Santé Publique - UE BDS
--License Biologie, C2i Groupe 16 + Groupe 9

Selected publications

RetroMine, or how to provide in-depth retrospective studies from Medline in a glance: the hepcidin use-case
Bertrand Ameline de Cadeville, Olivier Loréal and Fouzia Moussouni-Marzolf.
Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 12(3):275, 2015. doi:10.2390/biecoll-jib-2015-275

Cleaning, Integrating and Warehousing Genomic Data from Biomedical Resources PRE-PRINT
Moussouni F., Berti-Equille L.
Biological Knowledge Discovery Handbook, 2013 Wiley Series on Bioinformatics, IEEE Computer Society. PRE-PRINT

Retrospective Analysis of a Gene by Mining Texts: The Hepcidin gene use-case
Moussouni F., Ameline de Cadeville B., Leser U. and Loréal O.
Proceeding of JOBIM 2012 (Journées Ouvertes De Biologie Informatique et Mathématique) à Rennes.

HAL Publications

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