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Immune cell (peripheral, mucosal and brain) isolation, purification and culture/stimulation in vitro (inflammatory challenge, TLR ligand stimulation)
Measurement of cell proliferative activity by tritiated thymidine incorporation
Cytokine Assays (ELISA) on cell culture supernatants, colostrum and milk
Pig immunoglobulin dosage (serum, colostrum and milk)
Membrane, intracellular staining and multi-colour flow cytometry (acquisition – analysis)
Mice, sheep and pig experimentation

Research topics and scientific objectives

Influence of peri- and neonatal nutrition, and interaction with the adult nutritional environment (unbalanced, western diet), on adult intestinal immune system polarization and systemic inflammatory status (peripheral, brain and adipose tissue immune cells).
Impact of nutrition on neonatal development, maturation and education of the mucosal immune system (nutritional imprinting)
Role of intestinal microbiota-epithelial cells-mucosal immune cell crosstalk

Education and main positions held

From 2012 Research associate, INRA, Food and Digestive, Nervous and Behavioural Adaptations Unit (UR ADNC), St-Gilles, France
2010-2012 Research associate, INRA, Livestock Production, Animal and Human Nutrition Unit (UMR SENAH), St-Gilles, France
2008-2009 Postdoctoral fellow (cellular & molecular immunology), Dr F. Laurent, Control and immunology of gut diseases in the newborn team, UMR Infectiology and Public health, INRA Val de Loire, Nouzilly, France (2 years)
2004-2007 Postdoctoral fellow (cellular immunology & proteomics), Dr A.P. Mountford, Schistosomiasis Research Group, Biology Department, University of York, United Kingdom (31/2 years)
2004 PhD in Biology (specialty immunology): “Role of myeloid cells in type 1 diabetes pathogenesis. Deficiencies of inhibitory macrophage differentiation, maturation and function in NOD mice”, Cellular & Molecular Immuno-Endocrinology Unit, INRA/National Veterinary School/University of Nantes, France
2000 Master of Research in Cellular Biology, University of Nantes, France
1999 Master of Sciences in Cellular Biology and Physiology, University of Nantes, France
1998 Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Nantes, France

Current projects

FOSGUT (Meiji Tereos-Syral research contract 2013-2016) – Maternal diet rich in fructo-oligosaccharides and metabolic and immune responses of the progeny to a high-fat diet
CLIMAPIG (Lactalis 2014-2017) – Interaction matrice lipidique des formules infantiles, et biologie intestinale, conséquences sur le métabolisme glucidique de l’adulte
NeoDC (ANR 2012-2013) – Mucosal dendritic cells: a major target to strengthen the health of the young animal

Selected publications

Infant formula interface and fat source impact on neonatal digestion and gut microbiota.
1. C. Bourlieu, K. Bouzerzour, S. Ferret-Bernard, C. Le Bourgot, S. Chever, O. Ménard, A. Deglaire, P. Le Ruyet, C. Bonhomme, D. Dupont, I. Le Huërou-Luron.
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 2015; 117

Development of gut and gut-associated-lymphoid tissues in piglets: role of maternal environment.
2. Le Huërou-Luron, S. Ferret-Bernard.
Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Maternal 18:3n-3 favors piglet intestinal passage of LPS and promotes intestinal anti-inflammatory response to this bacterial ligand.
3. C. Desaldeleer, S. Ferret-Bernard, F. de Quelen, L. Le Normand, C. Perrier, G. Savary, V. Romé, C. Michel, J. Mourot, I. Le Huërou-Luron, G. Boudry.
The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 2014 ; 25(10):1090

Maternal Short-Chain Fructooligosaccharide Supplementation Influences Intestinal Immune System Maturation in Piglets.
4. C. Le Bourgot, S. Ferret-Bernard, L. Le Normand, G. Savary, E. Menendez-Aparicio, S. Blat, E. Apper-Brossard, F. Respondek, I. le Hüerou-Luron.
PLoS ONE 2014 ; 9(9): e107508

Plasma membrane proteomes of differentially matured dendritic cells identified by LC-MS/MS combined with iTRAQ labelling.
5. S. Ferret-Bernard, W. Castro-Borges, A.A. Dowle, D.E.Sanin, P.C. Cook, J.D. Turner, A.S. Macdonald, J.R. Thomas, AP. Mountford.
Journal of Proteomics 2012 ; 75/3 :938

HAL Publications

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