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- Design and synthesis of various ligands and complexes;
- Radiolabelling of small molecules and nanoparticles, Automation of syntheses;
- Preparation of clinical lots, syringes preparation and dispensation;
- In vitro and in vivo experiments;
- Project management (public grants and industrial contracts);
- Interns and Ph.D. students’ management.

Research topics and scientific objectives

- Development of new radiolabelled compounds for therapy and imaging.

Education and main positions held

- 2019: Habilitation to conduct Research (HDR) - University Rennes 1
- Since 2006: Radiopharmaceutical Scientist - Comprehensive Cancer Centre Eugène Marquis (Rennes)
- 2004: Junior Research Associate - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes/Centre Eugène Marquis
- 2003: Dottoratto di Ricerca in Scienze Chimiche - Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy)
- 2003: PhD in Chemistry - University Rennes 1 (France)
- 2000: Engineer in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes
- 2000: MSc in Chemistry - University Rennes 1/ENSCR

Current projects

- 188Re-SSS/Lipiodol for selective internal radiotherapy of HCC: phase 1 clinical trial, technology transfer to Russia and India - industrial partnership (IRE)
- 90Y-radiolabelled Lipiodol: development of a novel radiotracer - industrial contract
- 188Re-lipidic nanocapsules: preclinical development in HCC and endometrial adenocarcinoma, transfer to clinic in glioblastoma (ANR and CGO funding) - collaboration with INSERM U1232 (Angers)
- 188Re-labelled somatostatin analog for HCC metastases targeting: Ligue funding - collaboration with Toulouse University
- 99mTc-labelled polymeric nanoparticles - collaboration with ENSCR and Subatech (Nantes)
- Development of radiolabelled hepatotropic peptides: FRM funding - collaboration with ENSCR, CRCINA (Nantes), Brest and Toulouse universities

Selected publications

Development of biocompatible and functional polymeric nanoparticles for site-specific delivery of radionuclides.
 N. Lepareur, L. Leal e Costa, M. Bocqué, C. Blondelle, C. Ruello, M. Desjulets, N. Noiret, S. Cammas-Marion
Front. Med., 2015, 2:63. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2015.00063

188Re-SSS/Lipiodol: development of a potential treatment for HCC from bench to bedside.
 N. Lepareur, V. Ardisson, N. Noiret, E. Garin
Int. J. Mol. Imaging, 2012, Article ID 278306, 9 pages, doi:10.1155/2012/278306

Composition for treating liver cancer in humans based on rhenium-188 and method for preparing such a composition.
 N. Noiret, E. Garin, N. Lepareur, V. Ardisson
Patent Application WO 2011101436

Tumor eradication in rat glioma and bypass of immunosuppressive barriers using internal radiation with 188Re-lipid nanocapsules.
 C. Vanpouille-Box, F. Lacoeuille, C. Belloche, N. Lepareur, L. Lemaire, J.-J. Lejeune, J.-P. Benoit, P. Menei, O. Couturier, E. Garcion, F. Hindré
Biomaterials, 2011, 32, 6781-6790

Development and biodistribution of 188Re-SSS lipiodol following injection into the hepatic artery of healthy pigs.
 E. Garin, N. Noiret, C.-H. Malbert, N. Lepareur, A. Roucoux, S. Caulet-Maugendre, A. Moisan, J. Lecloirec, J.-Y. Herry, P. Bourguet
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging, 2004, 31, 542-546

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