Biomarkers a coordinated strategy will be implemented with the aim of using them for the benefit of the general population and diseased patients. This transversal axis will coordinate validation protocols based on the expertise of the platforms, particularly the histopathology platform, the biobank and the experimental animal model platform.

For example, one of the objectives of NGB is to identify neural vulnerability factors, or neuromarkers, that could correlate to body weight variations or chronic consumption of palatable foods, and therefore be used to predict and prevent further neurocognitive disorders associated with eating habits or digestive parameters.

CIMIAD and EXPRES focus on metabolic markers and changes in microbiota related to metabolic and chronic diseases. They have also identified a number of candidates, either single genes or set of genes which could be used as biomarkers of inflammation, stem cell features or fibrosis.

TGTC is developing an integrative functional genomic strategy based on both the profiling of clinically well-annotated tumours and the meta-analysis of publicly available genomic datasets to define relevant prognosis biomarkers, as well as pan-genomic expression profiling of exosomes (for coding and non-coding genes) to identify noninvasive, circulating biomarkers.

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