Ani-Scans (responsible outside the unit: C.H. Malbert; contact in the unit: D. Val-Laillet)


Ani-Scans is part of the PRISM multimodality imaging and spectroscopy platform. Ani-Scans gathers specific equipment for imaging of large animals (pigs and minipigs) including: a Positron Emission Tomograph for multi-organ (mainly brain) functional and molecular imaging; a single-head tomography gamma-camera for digestive imaging mainly in conscious animals; a dual-head gamma-camera for multi-organ functional and molecular imaging; a full-body scanner X; and a doppler echotomograph. All the imaging rooms are equipped with a dedicated station for anaesthesia and multi-parameter monitoring. Several radioprotected animal houses are available for pre- and post-imaging housing of pigs and minipigs.


ImPACcell (A. Corlu; IBiSA)


The platform is dedicated to cell content analysis service (HCS / HCA) to detect, analyze and quantify biological phenomena such as toxicity, cell motility, cell cycle, apoptosis, disruption of signaling pathways… The platform gathers 3 sets of equipments for automated cell culture and cellular test, multifactorial and multiparametric imaging analysis and bioscreening of exogenous molecules on various adherent cell lines. Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity studies can be performed to determine the acute and chronic effects of various compounds. The platform also offers specific training dedicated to automated image analysis.



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